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Christmas 2023 issue

The Quizmaster

Ron Russell, ex Royal Engineers, introduced himself to us at this year’s Remembrance Day Service. Ron is a blind veteran and a Quizmaster. He will be supplying us with a “20 Questions” column for the magazine – the answers will appear in the next issue.

1. When were clocks invented?:
14/15th century | 15/16 century | 17/18th century
2. Coal celebrates how many years of marriage?
3. What day is celebrated on April 22?:
lunar | earth | wind
4. How many rib bones are in the body?:  12 | 15 | 25
5. Which animal would have a litter in a farrow box?:
Sow | sheep | cow
6. Who is the current earl of Strathurn?:
George | William | Charles
7. What is an Albert chain?
8. Cleopatras needle in London has a twin, in which city is the other one?: New York | Berlin | Paris
9. How many men were killed/wounded at the Battle of the Somme?: 10,000 |  15,000 | over one million
10. To what bird is the pigeon related?:
Crow | the extinct dodo | hawk
11. The legal age for driving a mower is?:  16 | 17 |18
12. The 1st radio 1 show in the 70's was broadcast from?:  Torquay | Swansea | Bristol
13. Who founded the organisation Child Line?
14. Which former MP was known as two brains?
15. Who was the first professional boxer to beat Muhamed Ali?
16. What is a Roman Candle?
17. Who is head of the Commonwealth?
18.The Panama Canal is the longest canal, fact or fiction?
19.The Cape of Good Hope is situated at the tip of where?
20.Roughly how long does it take the earth to rotate on its own axis?
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