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Summer 2024 issue

Book Corner

For this edition of ‘Book Corner’  I present a selection of new books for your interest and meditation.

The Scuttlebutt Letters by Natalie Brand

In the style of ‘The Screwtape Letters’, with a satire that will make you both cringe and laugh-out-loud, Natalie Brand demonstrates the havoc unleashed by careless words. Scuttlebutt (naval slang for the ship’s gossip) is the affectionate nickname given to the Tongue by the Heart, as he reprimands the Tongue for steering the whole person into catastrophe; enjoying morsels of gossip, creating smokescreens of lies. From the Bible’s teaching on speech, particularly the Proverbs, the reader will taste the bitter destruction of the Tongue. But as the Heart rebukes the Tongue it becomes increasingly clear that something isn’t right….. there is another villain, a deeper poison, lurking within. What can be done if the Tongue remains untameable? Will the Heart get away with his hypocrisy? Is there redemption for either? An immensely challenging little book for anyone with a tongue…. or a heart!

Christian Focus Publications) (RRP £9.99) ASLAN £8.99

Shaped by the Spirit by Kate Pocklington

In recent years, the Church in the West has witnessed a growing hunger to engage in spiritual disciplines that help us become more like Jesus. And yet, if our practices cause us to look inwards without looking outwards, then it’s likely we’re being formed into somebody else entirely.

Jesus was inherently other-focused and in this immensely practical book, Kate Pocklington invites us to explore why being formed by the Spirit is only half of the picture.

Together we will see how God – the grand recycler – wants to use every part of our past and personality, to shape us into an other-focused people.

We are formed by the Spirit, formed through our experiences and formed for the sake of God’s mission in the world.

(Form)  (RRP £10.99) ASLAN £10.99

Moving Forward after Messing Up by Chris Rappazini

Is something from your past impacting your future? No one wakes up and says, “I think I’ll make a mess of my life”. But many people find themselves in places that feel beyond repair. If you have made decisions that have left you and others hurt – that have brought you to a place that feels dark or desperate – you’re not alone.  Professor and pastor Chris Rappazini looks to real life biblical characters who’ve made messes of their lives and shows how God delights in forgiveness and redemption. Do you need God to do something that feels impossible? Freedom from an addiction or the haunting consequences of bad choices? A second chance at marriage, family or a career? Maybe you love someone whose devastating path of poor decisions is inflicting heartache upon heartache. Through sharing the personal journey he’s been on with his brother- who is in the process of moving forward after messing up – Rappazini uncovers the true heart of the Father and the dramatic ends He goes to to bring restoration. What happens when we honestly face our mess and seek God?  Can beauty, love, or hope follow? Failure and regret can create humility and deepen our character. Those who seem permanently wrecked can experience joy, freedom, and a newfound dream. In Moving Forward After Messing Up, Rappazini takes us beyond despair to biblically based forgiveness and a faithful future.  

(Moody Publishers) (RRP £13.25)  ASLAN £11.99

 Jesus and the Powers by Tom Wright

The world is awash in terror, tyranny and trauma, divisions and despair, not just in the west, but in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Our world seems dangerously combustible, due to financial crises, pandemics, increasing injustices and inequalities, democratic chaos, geo-political upheaval, wars and rumours of more wars to come.

In Jesus and the Powers, Tom Wright and Michael F.  Bird join forces to address the pressing question, ‘How can Christians engage with the turbulent politics of our times whilst remaining true to the teaching and example of Jesus?’

With wisdom and clarity, Wright and Bird present a compelling case for Christians to embody a counter-cultural witness that upholds the biblical ideals of justice, mercy and truth while vigorously opposing oppressive political schemes based on autocracy and nationalism.

Grounded in the transformative message of Jesus and the apostles, Jesus and the Powers challenges believers to embrace their role as agents of God’s Kingdom by courageously standing against tyrannical forces, whenever they may appear, and by helping to cultivate flourishing liberal democracies that promote the freedom, dignity and well-being of all people.

(SPCK)  (RRP£12.99) ASLAN £10.99

Happy Summer reading everyone.

All suggestions taken from Aslan Christian Books website: aslanchristianbooks.com or phone 0330 0272828 or I can order for you.

Lynn Winter