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Easter 2024 issue

The Quizmaster

Ron Russell, ex Royal Engineers, introduced himself to us at this year’s Remembrance Day Service. Ron is a blind veteran and a Quizmaster. He will be supplying us with a “20 Questions” column for the magazine – the answers will appear in the next issue.

1. What was the name of the garden in which Jesus was arrested?

2. What was the full name of the Roman Governor who presided over the trial of Jesus?

3. Who was the Jewish high priest at the time of Jesus’ arrest?

4. Who was forced to carry the cross and where did he live?

5. What did Jesus pray for those who crucified him?

6. How long was Jesus on the cross?

7. When Jesus died what happened in the temple?

8. Who asked if they could take Jesus down?

9. How much was Judas paid for betraying Jesus?

10. The shroud that Jesus wore is now in which country?:
Italy | United Kingdom | United States

11. What creature features on the Welsh flag?

12. Which MP made her first appearance in the Commons in 1960?

13. What was the real name of the actor John Wayne?

14. What colour is the hat worn by Paddington Bear?:
blue | red | black

15. Where is Marino Glass made?

16. Which condiment uses the House of Commons as its logo?

17. In the series Kojak what was his first name?
Geo |Theo | Leo

18.During WW2 approx how many German POW’s were held on British Soil?
2000 |4000 | 6000

19.Was St George of England
English |Danish | Swedish

20.The steel for Sydney Bridge was made in
Britain |Germany | Australia

© This material is Copyright Ron Russell & St George’s News

Answers to the “Quizmaster” Quiz in the Christmas 2023 issue:

15th/16th century, Nuremburg, Germany. | 25 | Earth | 25 | Sow | William | A chain for a pocket watch popularised by Prince Albert | New York | Over 1 million | The extinct dodo | 16 | Torquay | Esther Rantzen | David Willetts | Joe Frasier | Firework | HM The King | Fact | South Africa | 24 hours