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Summer 2024 issue

The Quizmaster

Ron Russell, ex Royal Engineers, introduced himself to us at this year’s Remembrance Day Service. Ron is a blind veteran and a Quizmaster. He will be supplying us with a “20 Questions” column for the magazine – the answers will appear in the next issue.

1. Hydrogen Peroxide is used to dye what part of the body?

2. Who was the oldest US 1st Lady of the 21st century?
Mrs Bush | Mrs Obama | Mrs Carter

3. What beans are used to make baked beans?

4. When was the vacuum cleaner invented?

5. What trade is abbreviated to ‘postie’?

6. Where in a whale would baleen be found?

7. What were the first two creatures to leave the ark?

8. In which tv game show could you win a dustbin?

9. Which US WW2 vehicle was named after a US General?

10. What in the US in a cadd?
A container for tea | motor car | a person carrying golf clubs

11. Which of these is  a usual ingredient in a marie rose  Salad | Mayonnaise | mustard ketchup

12. What was Michael Heseltine’s nickname?

13. Who were the 2 main male actors in “Open all Hours”?

14. Which of Santa’s reindeer had a name that began with the letter “v”?

15. How many wings does a dragonfly have? 2 | 4 | 6

16. When was the scifi series Dr Who first shown on tv?

17. How far from the Hampshire Coast is the Isle of Wight? 5 miles | 6 miles | 10 miles

18. What metal are the old fashioned pieces of 8 made from? Bronze | Silver | Gold

19. What marine creature close to extinction is making a come back?

20. What is considered ill mannered in some Arab countries if you don’t do what?
Burp | say thanks| bow to the host

© This material is Copyright Ron Russell & St George’s News

Answers to the “Quizmaster” Quiz in the Easter 2024 issue:

1: Gethsemane | 2: Pontius Pilate | 3: Caiaphas | 4: Simon of Cyrene | 5: Father forgive them |
6: 6 hours,(9am-3pm) | 7: The curtain in the temple was torn in two | 8: Joseph of Arimathea | 9: 30 pieces of silver | 10: Turin (Italy) |11: Dragon | 12: Mrs Thatcher | 13: Marion Morrissey | 14: Red | 15: The Island of Murano off the coast of Italy | 16: HP Sauce | 17: Theo | 18: 4000 | 19: Danish | 20: Britain