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Summer 2024 issue

Daniella Dzikunoo, 1992 - 2024

The Eulogy read at the Memorial & Thanksgiving Service which took place at St George’s on Friday 31st May to a packed Church. The service was also broadcast live, attracting a viewing audience of well over 200.

Daniella Emefa whom we mourn this day, was born on 20th July 1992 at the St Mary Hospital, in Portsmouth Hampshire. She weighed 2lb 9oz at birth with no complications but was incubated for four weeks.

As she was feeding well with no health issues, she was discharged from the Neo Natal Unit after six weeks and it was a joy to be home with my baby girl after two months in hospital.

Daniella Emefa was born into a Christian family and baptised and confirmed at St Thomas – Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral on 19th May 2003. Daniella started her education at Waitend Nursey in 1995. She attended Purbrook Infants and Junior School from 1997-2001.

She continued to Purbrook Senior Secondary School where she completed her GCSE Qualification Certificate in 2010. Upon completion, Daniella enrolled at Havant College where she completed and gained 4 A Levels in 2011.

Daniella continued her higher education into university and in 2011 gained admission to Bangor University in North Wales to study Neuro-Psychology, a discipline she was very much interested in as she had always been fascinated by the Human brain.

In 2014 Daniella completed her Bachelor of Science degree with honours in Neuro-Psychology. Right after graduation, she decided to pursue a master’s degree and in 2015, Daniella obtained her Master of Science in Psychological Research MSc. Daniella felt immense joy as her unwavering dedication and hard work yielded results.

From the age of sixteen, Daniella worked part-time at TK Maxx (the junk shop as she calls it). From Secondary School and throughout her university years, Daniella also took on various Mental Health Support roles in North Wales to gain experience.

Daniella with her artistic talents and passion for drama enrolled in the Helen O’Grady Drama School in Havant at the age of ten. Throughout her teenage years, she continued to hone her skills and her dedication led her to participate in various performances at both the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth and The Spring in Havant.

• BBC Shakespeare at The New Theatre Royal Portsmouth

• The Crucible by Arthur Miller at The Spring in Havant

• Cast of Mandi - Narrator

• The Lemonade Kid

• Brighter Than the Moon - to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade at The New Theatre Royal Portsmouth

Daniella took part in the British Immersion Programme and visited Japan spending two weeks at Ritsumeikan University-Centre for Language Acquisition where she studied intense Japanese.

In 2015/16, Daniella worked as a project worker at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, travelling across the country to visit mental health hospitals and ensure quality control. Despite the demanding role, opportunities for progression were scarce. Eventually, Daniella made the decision to leave the organisation. However, before her departure, she co-authored and published the Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services 2016.

In 2016, Daniella embarked on a 10-day journey across six European countires with her friends – a well-deserved holiday after all her hard work at university.

In 2018 Daniella completed PRINCE2 and began working at NHS England as a Quality Improvement Lead with the South Central Strategic Clinical Network. Later that year she secured a promotion and started working for Thames Valley Cancer Alliance where she stayed for three years. Her final role within NHS England was as a Senior Programme Manager within the Regional Delivery Unit.

The sudden and unexpected loss of Daniella is a profound blow, leaving us all shocked and heartbroken. Though we mourn her death, I have faith Daniella Emefa has transitioned to a better place, a realm free from suffering, pain, and sorrow, where only comfort, joy and peace prevail.

Daniella Emefa, you will forever remain in my heart. Emefa, you will be sorely missed. Rest in Perfect Peace.

A tribute to Daniella from Mabel:

Emefa as you are popularly known and called by the family. It is with deep sorrow that I write this tribute, as I never once imagined that I will be writing your tribute at your tender age. You had so much to live for and to achieve.

We spoke on 21/4/2024 at 22.10pm for 34 minutes and 40 seconds and I cannot believe that was the last time I had heard your voice and we said good night and love you as we normally do. We joked and laughed. We shared how each others’ day went.

You told me, you found a recipe, how to make a baked Alaska in the air fryer. I responded that, as I am not allowed to use the air fryer, you will have to bake it when I get back from Ghana. You told me, you’ve hoovered the house and tidied your bedroom, to which I responded, about time, it’s your mess.

I had hoped that one day you will be writing my tribute, and not the other way round. We did not say farewell to each other. We have had twists and turns of life. At the same time, we have enjoyed life as mother and daughter, our European holidays, and holidays in Ghana which you do very much enjoy. Going to cinemas and restaurants. You very much enjoy your oriental food and cooking it.

I have been blessed to have a daughter like you. A very beautiful, intelligent, and caring human being. Daniella will always put other people’s needs before hers. Daniella has a massive heart. One thing for sure, your cooking will be severely missed.

Emefa/Daniella, you were like a bird, you flew away from home to seek employments, gained independence. You returned home during the covid. It was a great joy to have you back home.

Emefa, you were my world, arms and legs, my human google. You have an answer for every question. You were everything to me. Your demise has shattered my whole world, all the plans we have made. We planned to buy a property with a Granny-annex, are now meaningless without you.

A daughter is a wonderful blessing and Daniella was no less than that. Right from birth, with every passing year through to adulthood, Daniella radiated with laughter, beautiful smile, warmth and special charm. Daniella was thoughtful and loving. From time to time, Daniella will say, come on Mum, no cooking lets go out for a meal. I will TRULY miss you and my little treats.

Your sudden death has left a big hole in my heart, never to be filled. Daniella’s death took us all by surprise. I cannot put into words how much I will miss you. The atmosphere in the house will never be the same again. I am so proud of your achievements.

I will forever love you. Emefa, you will forever remain in my heart.

Rest in Peace Daniella.

Emefa, dzudzo le nutifafa me!!!

Your loving Mum. Mabel.