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The 2024 World Day of Prayer service has been written by the Christian Women of Palestine, and takes place on Friday 1st March, 10.30am at All Saints Church, Denmead.

The artwork illustrated is by Halima Aziz (born in Hagen, Germany, in 1999), a passionate Palestinian visual artist and design student based in Germany. Her parents are from Tulkarm and Gaza and she grew up in Palestine. It shows three Palestinian women praying together in a peaceful, outdoor space and is aptly named ‘Praying Palestinian Women’. Halima has used motifs and symbols which indicate the origin and cohesiveness of these women: Olive trees are a sign of everlasting and abundant life because they can live for thousands of years. The Palestinian people are deeply rooted in their country and this is underlined by the golden roots of the tree. Poppy flowers are abundant and meaningful as they are a reminder of loved ones who have given their lives for their country. Traditional Palestinian dress such as the tatreez (embroidery), thobe (dress) or the white scarf symbolise the people’s creativity and their country’s rich heritage. The keys are a symbol of the hope to return back to Palestine.

As of 31 July 2019, 138 of the 193 United Nations member states have recognised Palestine as a state with observer status, allowing them to take part in general debates, and the Palestinian flag now flies outside the United Nations.

The Christian Church in Palestine is an active church, rich in history and diverse in traditions, with a unique mission and calling. In the area from which Christianity spread and many denominations arose, Jerusalem alone is home to thirteen historically recognised churches throughout the Holy Land and worldwide. Christian-Jewish interfaith connections are central in the ongoing conversations regarding Israel and Palestine.

The National Committee in Palestine works in conjunction with a wide variety of organisations that are connected to the Christian Church. Involvement with the movement since the 1950s has enabled Palestinian women to interact with over 100 countries, strengthening the Middle East presence and witness.

The invitation to write the service for 2024 was an opportunity to reflect on continuing challenging times, encouraging Palestinian Christian women to keep searching for a deeper understanding among all the people who share the land, trusting for and hoping in the humanity of one another.

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World Day of Prayer