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Summer 2019 issue

Book Corner

Here is my selection of book choices for your summer meditation and reading.


Augustine’s Life of Prayer, Learning and Love by Cathy Hammond

What can we learn from Augustine? There are many biographies on how he shaped Western Christianity. This isn’t a book about his faith and doubts. It is about how he learned to read the Bible, pray and love - the word at the heart of faith. It concludes with moments of prayer from his life, in which he glimpses visions of God, encouraging you to take your next steps in discipleship. ‘Here is the wonder and challenge of the Christian faith through Augustine’s most personal of writings, skilfully interpreted to show how our most human struggles and longings can bring us to the love of god.’  Rev Angela Tilby, Canon Emeritus of Christ Church, Oxford.   

REF 2787 (PUBLISHED 19th July 2019)  (RRP £9.99) ASLAN £7.99

Counting The Cost by David Donovan and Shirley Donovan

British Missionaries David and Shirley were running a health centre in Nigeria when a pounding on their bedroom door tipped their lives upside down.  Threatened at gunpoint, held hostage and ransomed for a billion naira, this is their stunning story of the grace that allowed them to witness to their kidnappers in the midst of the disturbing realisation of what man is capable of.  

REF 2797 (RRP £9.99) ASLAN £7.99

Come and See by Roy Millar

Come and See walks us through John’s Gospel from beginning to end. Spread across 52 concise and accessible chapters that match the 52 weeks of the year, this perceptive commentary helps us see Jesus through John’s contemporary eyes and discover anew how transformative his ministry is for our lives today.

REF 2748 (RRP £12.99) ASLAN £10.99

Blue Planet Blue God by Meric Srokosz and Rebecca Watson

Oceans dominate the surface of the earth. The bible offers a view of the sea, life in it, and its value to God as an essential part of creation.  It speaks of its vulnerability to damage and change. This book explores the Bible’s portrayal of the sea in relation to economics, connections, spirituality and our fear of disaster. In  a unique project, oceanographer Meric Srokosz and biblical scholar Rebecca Watson connect the ocean with issues of broader concern. Each chapter concludes with ideas for discussion, reflection and action in light of the issues raised.   

REF 2062 (£19.99) ASLAN £10.99

Before the Days Draw In by Mary Kissell

We can spend a lifetime sitting through Church not really praying.  When Mary committed to getting up early each day to pray, she began a practice that would revolutionise her life. This rich, moving memoir tells the incredible story of how simply following the Spirit’s leading saw countless people impacted around the world and situations transformed. Allow Mary’s story of walking with the Spirit to inspire and encourage you to do the same.

REF 2345 (RRP £8.99) ASLAN £6.99

The Reluctant Evangelist by Richard Coekin

Jonah was a reluctant evangelist.  But God had other plans! If we’re honest, we’re often reluctant to tell others about Jesus. Like Jonah we need to learn to trust God’s power, experience and grace, fear his coming judgement and share his gut-wrenching compassion – all perfectly revealed in Jesus, the divine Evangelist – and as we look to him and the Spirit fills us with his evangelistic compassion, our hearts will sing and our lives will erupt with the salvation focus that our cities desperately need.  Explore the story of Jonah in today’s missional context.

REF 2370 (RRP £7.99) ASLAN £6,99.  

All choices taken from the July / August edition of  Aslan Christian Books.

To order visit


or phone 08453 or 01373823451 or I can order for you.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and safe summer holiday.

Lynn Winter