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Easter 2020 issue

News from the Pews

Burns Night

Some 50 people attended our Burns Night Supper on 25th January. We were all welcomed with a glass of hot mulled wine and then found our allocated places.

We toasted Robert Burns with Whisky and Sherry; ate our starter of leek & potato soup, and Rachel piped in the haggis on the bagpipes. After toasting said haggis we set about and ate it with mash, veg and gravy, followed by Typsy Laird Trifle.

Then those who wanted to (and weren’t too full up!) took to the floor for some Scottish dancing.

There was a raffle which made £135, the total raised amounting to £657.


At Candlemass we had a Bring and Share Lunch set up in the Church Hall after the 10am service.

During this we were introduced to our Mission Action Plan 2020, “Growing a Healthy Church”.

A booklet detailing ideas and initiatives was distributed and a talk with slides provided extra helpful information.

If you need a copy of the Mission Action Plan, it is available to download on the Church website.

Lent Groups and Lent Lunches

These were sadly discontinued due to COVID-19.

The Sad Tale of the Poor Wee Haggis

Kindly reader harken well

A sad and sorry tale I tell

Of Hamish Haggis, young was he.

Whilst listening to his MP3,

Away from home and hearth he strayed.

Too long amongst the braes he stayed.

Oh foolish haggis nought he heeded

His parents good advice much needed

That haggisses should never roam

Too far away from friends and home.

Far distantly the hounds were baying.

Two hundred Highland kilts a’swaying.

Their threat approaching ever nearer,

Their terrifying howls much clearer.

Young Hamish ran, oh how he scampered

With rotund shape much speed was hampered.

His spindly little legs were aching.

But still the Hunt was overtaking.

Pursuant of the grim intent

The Haggis Hounds had found his scent.

The Highlanders with joy did swoop

Into their haggis net did scoop.

Young Hamish soon was gathered in

With others of his kith and kin.

The guests were gathered in the hall

In festive mood they one and all.

Awaiting with anticipation

The annual Burns Night celebration.

The Pipers played a sad lament

In grand procession round they went.

The Laird he raised his dagger high

The haggisses prepared to die.

With neeps and tatties on a plate

Poor Hamish Haggis met his fate.

From this sad tale on next Burns Night

Take pity on poor haggis’ plight.

Eschewing meat, choose if you can

The option vegetarian.

Janet Johnson
first published in the New Year 2007 issue of
St George’s News.