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Christmas 2020 issue

Book Corner

Advent Sunday is on 29th November this year. Here are some suggestions for your Advent and Christmas reading and meditation.

Journeying Through Advent with New Daylight

Five weeks of Advent material for church groups and individuals, offering themed reflections by well-loved contributors from the New Daylight archive alongside specially written questions for group discussion.

Week 1: the Advent antiphons – David Winter

Week 2: 2 and 3 John – Steve Aisthorpe

Week 3: Light in the darkness – Amy Boucher Pye

Week 4: Word Incarnate: John 1: 1-18 – Andy John

Week 5: Psalms of Hope – Margaret Cundiff

Includes an introduction by New Daylight editor Sally Welch.

REF 3434 (BRF) (RRP £2.99)ASLAN £2.79

Advent Together: The Advent Family Devotional by Steve and Bekah Legg

Journey through Advent together as a family with daily readings, prayers, thoughts and activities for all ages. As the parents of a blended family of five children, Steve and Bekah Legg bring a fun, engaging and accessible approach to reading and understanding the Bible so that everyone can join in and understand. ‘A great resource to bring the family together to talk about the things that matter’. Rob Parsons.

REF 3441 (CWR) (RRP £6.99)  ASLAN £5.99

Rejoice!: Advent in all the Scriptures by Chris Wright and John Stott

25 Bible meditations based on Scripture verses and teaching nuggets from John Stott with commentary and prayers from Chris Wright. Accessible and bite-sized, fresh and exciting, each meditation deepens our appreciation of the timeless spiritual truths of Advent and Christmas.  

REF 2903  (IVP) (RRP £7.95) ASLAN £6.99

Christmas:  Tradition, Truth and Total Baubles by Nick Page

Why is Christmas the way it is? How did we get to everyone pushing their credit card and their belts to their maximum extent? Starting with the events surrounding Jesus’ birth, this book takes us through centuries of commemoration, celebration and over-consumption. Along the way we’ll find out why we eat turkey, how an obscure Turkish saint turned into a man flying on a sleigh, and why that tree in your house should really contain an apple and a snake. Continuing in-depth historical research, cheerfully irreverent humour and cutting edge guesswork, Nick Page explores what this festival really means, and how we can get back to something real and true beneath all that wrapping.

REF 3727 (Hodder  &Stoughton) (RRP £9.99) ASLAN £7.49

And for children…

Follow The Star by Holly Lansley

Follow the star to discover the story of the first Christmas. Join Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem and find out who else followed the star to reach Baby Jesus. With bright illustrations and engaging text, this book is an exciting read for young ones!

REF 3662 (Authentic Media) ASLAN £1.99

The Extra Special Baby by Antonia Woodward

A long time ago, a long way away, some very clever men discovered a very exciting promise! Hear about the baby that was so extra special that life on earth would change forever, in this exquisitely illustrated Christmas picture book, full of warmth.  Ages 3 – 6.

REF  2358  (Lion) (RRP £6.99) ASLAN £5.99

The Christmas Story by J. John

The Christmas Story follows J. John’s award winning and best-selling children’s book Knowing God. Helping adults share the true story of what happened at the very first Christmas with a new generation of children, J. John’s book features clear content, beautiful illustrations and stand-out quality.  Ages 3 – 5.

REF: 2426  Philo Trust) ( RRP £5.99) ASLAN £5.49

Wishing you all a Holy and safe Christmas.

All suggestions taken from the Christmas Edition of Aslan Christian Books.  Aslanchristianbooks.com or phone 01373 823451. or I can order for you.

Lynn Winter