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This Eulogy was written by Fr Colin and read by him at the Service which took place at St George’s on Wednesday 23rd November.

It is often said that for all of us life is like a journey, perhaps the greatest journey we will ever embark upon. We move through the various stages of life, from infancy to childhood, childhood to adolescence, adolescence to adulthood, and then (God willing) into old age.

Throughout life’s journey we learn many lessons, and meet countless numbers of people, some of whom we become close to, and who share part of our journey with us.

You are here because of that, you shared part of June’s life journey with her, and for this reason you mourn her passing.

I am grateful to Melvyn, Martin and Sandra for sharing details of their mother’s life with me, and also remembrances that people have shared with me from here at St George’s, where June was a very faithful member of the worshipping community, both on a Sunday and on a Wednesday. What follows is based upon this, and upon my own memories of June.

Some of what I shall say you will recognise from your own journey with June, and perhaps some will be new to you – and doubtless you will all have your own very unique memories.

June was born in Mission Lane, Cowplain, on  28th April 1935, and lived all of her life in the wider Waterlooville area. She married Reg here at St George’s (although in the old St George’s) on 4th September 1954. When Reg sadly died on 23rd December 2016 they had been married for 62 years.

She missed him greatly.

It was very evident that family was the most important thing in June’s life. She often talked about her family, both here and in Australia, and would share photographs, particularly of her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

She was proud of her children; Melvyn, Martin and Sandra, and of their spouses; Sharon, Christine and How.

And of her grandchildren: Charlotte and her husband Matt, and their children Sophie and Emma, now living in Australia.

Kelly and her husband Kurt, and children, Jazmin (sadly no longer with us), Oliver, Ryan and Frankie.

Ben and his wife Heidi, and their children Ronnie and Gracie-Anne.

Richard, and his partner Helen.

And Hayley and her husband David, and their son Edward.

In total 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. And she loved them all dearly. And so today we pray particularly for them in their grief, and for Jean, June’s surviving sister.

In her working life, June was a dinner lady at Waite End Road school for 30 years, and was presented with an award for long service.

In her spare time, June enjoyed television game shows; Formula 1 racing, Country file, Songs of Praise (and singing along with the hymns), puzzles, listening to Radio Solent, particularly on a Sunday morning, the People’s Friend and Take a Break magazines. Fish and chips.

She also loved knitting. In fact there are many St George’s people who have received knitted cardigans from June on the birth of their children or grandchildren.

She also enjoyed going on holiday, particularly coach holidays.

She was a great cook – particularly chocolate cake and Shortbread. I was the lucky recipient of her wonderful shortbread on many occasions.

And I am sure that I am not the only one who will agree that June had the most wonderful smile on her face and twinkle in her eye.

Well these are just a few thoughts, and I am sure everyone here will reflect upon different memories of June and the part that each one of you played in her life’s journey. And that’s why I wanted to give you some space earlier to reflect upon your particular memories of June.

What is the meaning of life’s journey, where is it leading? Well, from the point of view of the Christian faith, in which June firmly believed, the journey is to what Scripture refers to as the promised land, the promised land of heaven.

It is Jesus Christ who reveals to us the true nature of the promised land and the true goal of our earthly journey. And this promised land is not a country, but a relationship with God. God is the final destination of our journey. And this journey, unlike the finite journey of our earthly life, is one that stretches into eternity, because the first and last word in all of our life’s journeying belongs to God.


Christmas  2022 & New Year issue

June Blythe, 1935 - 2022