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Easter 2024 issue

Horndean Amateur Theatre

The next HAT production will be at St George's Church Hall from 16th to 18th May, and is the play "Harvey" by Mary Chase. Many people will know the film version, featuring James Stewart. It will be directed by Iain Renfrew.


Elwood P. Dowd is an affable man who claims his best friend is Harvey – an unseen six-foot one-and-a-half-inch-tall white rabbit – and introduces him to everyone he meets.  His social-climbing sister, Veta, increasingly finds his eccentric behaviour embarrassing, so she decides to have him committed to a sanatorium.  Unfortunately, a comedy of errors ensues, and the young Dr. Sanderson commits Veta instead of Elwood.  But when the mistake comes out, the search is on for Elwood and his invisible companion.

When Elwood shows up at the Sanatorium looking for Harvey, it seems that the mild-mannered Elwood has had a strange effect on the staff, particularly director Dr. Chumley.  Will he be able to find his friend?  And when it transpires that Elwood's "treatment" will give him an entirely different demeanour, will Harvey be able to do anything to save Elwood?