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Summer 2022 issue

Book Corner

For the Summer edition, I present a mixture of suggestions from those in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty The Queen, lighter reading, spiritual reading plus a surprise!

The Queen 70 Glorious Years. This official souvenir publication celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, through 70 photographs, chosen to illustrate memorable events in the reign of Britain’s longest serving monarch. Delightfully informal family photographs, of the Queen as a young girl, as a young wife and mother, on holiday and enjoying the company of her children and dogs, are joined by more formal images, illustrating the official life of the monarch, on grand state occasions, such as the Coronation, the State Opening of Parliament and Trooping of the Colour - not to mention her memorable encounter with James Bond and her dramatic arrival at the ceremony marking the opening of the 2022 London Olympics.

REF: 5480 (ROYAL COLLECTION TRUST) rrp £24.95, ASLAN £17.95

The Diamond Queen: The Last Great Monarch by Andrew Marr. In the Diamond Queen, Andrew Marr chronicles the Queen’s pivotal role at the centre of the state, which is largely hidden from the public gaze, and making a strong case for the institution itself. Arranged thematically, rather than chronologically, Marr dissects the Queen’s political relationships, crucially those with her Prime Ministers; he examines her role as Head of the Commonwealth and her deep commitment to that Commonwealth of Nations; he looks at the drastic changes in the media since her accession in 1952 and how the monarchy has had to change and adapt as a result. Under her watchful eye, it has been thoroughly modernised but what does the future hold for the House of Windsor? This edition, fully revised and updated, features a new introduction and a new chapter that sets out to answer that crucial question.

REF: 5525 (PICADOR) rrp £10, ASLAN £9.99

The Case for Hope: Looking Ahead with Confidence and Courage by Lee Strobel. Can you really trust in hope? Does hope really feel like a risk that isn’t worth taking? Best-selling author, journalist and former atheist Lee Strobel proves that hope is real, the true Source of our hope and why we can trust it. In The Case for Hope, Lee Strobel pairs his trademark investigative style with an uplifting message of hope found in Jesus Christ. Strobel will walk you through why holding on to hope is so crucial, why we can trust in the hope of Jesus’ trust and how that hope can change our lives for the better.

REF: 5445 (ZONDERVAN) rrp £9.99, ASLAN £7.99

Hoping for Happiness; Turning Life’s Most Elusive Feeling into Lasting Reality by Barnabas Piper. A biblical framework for living a grounded, hopeful and genuinely happy life. In this book, recovering cynic Barnabas Piper helps us to throw off both the unrealistic expectations that end in disappointment and the guilty sense that Christians are not meant to have fun. He shows how having a clear view of the reality of the fall and the promise of the redemption frees us to live a life that’s grounded, hopeful and genuinely happy.

REF: 3574 (GOOD BOOK COMPANY) rrp £9.99, ASLAN £5.99

Bobby Dean and the Golden Egg by Aled Jones. Spring Term is here and if Bobby Dean thought his adventures were over, he couldn’t be more wrong! He’s going to have to deal with a giant Easter Bunny, an evil wizard and a trip to the zoo – and what is the story behind the strange golden egg? But massive news then comes in and Bobby Dean needs to rescue the school, and his home, from demolition. With the help of his new pal, Noel the mouse, his fantastic gang of friends, and the magic of his voice, Bobby is in for another roller coaster ride of a school term.

REF: 5540 (HODDER FAITH) rrp £8.99, ASLAN £8.99

The summer especially gives an excellent opportunity to read varied titles, from favourite authors to new ones and all sorts of genres. I particularly enjoy reading children’s fiction in amongst others and so was particularly pleased to learn that our own Father Tyrone has taken to pen and paper.

The Adventures of Lucy Lightfoot Cloud Hopper by Tyrone Hillary. This is a delightful and imaginative book comprising of several adventures involving Lucy and her friends. They are Cloud Hoppers. The Lightfeet live high in the sky on fluffy white clouds. We also meet members of the Darkfeet, Goldfeet and the Fogfeet, all of which have specific roles in the cloud community. Who, as a child, hasn’t looked up into the clouds and wondered what it would be like to float up high jumping from cloud to cloud or seen pictures forming from the clouds? I loved this book. Delightful stories, complimented by vibrant and striking illustrations.


With the exception of ‘The Adventures of Lucy Lightfoot’ all other suggestions are taken from the May/June Edition of Aslan Christian Books:

 –  aslanchristianbooks.com – or phone 01373 823451 or I can order for you.

Lynn Winter